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Why Have Pets At Home?

The gigantic blood thirsty beast, the wagtail, soft pawed companion. The meowing sound and shining eyes, the slender bodied, vicious beauty or the successors of the great grand ancestors who have dominated the Mesozoic Era, nature has never failed to amaze through its beautiful yet sometimes scary creations- animals. In our daily lives, we come across them, some live as unwanted guests in our own house, such as lizards and rats, and some thrive as members of our home sweet home, our pets, some on streets and some traverse the horizons of the sky and spread their vibrant colours.

Non-separable companions

Animals have been non-separable companions to humans since the dawn of the era. Humans have used them in forms and kinds, as carriers, as cart pullers and for their meat and skin purpose as well. In olden times, they were essentially used for drawing the carts medium of transportation to far flung areas. Even today, camel is the most dependable creature in the deserts due to its adaptation of its feet and hence it is known as the “The Ship of the Dessert”. Many such examples exists where animals and humans go hand in hand, the most common of them being, horses, yaks, donkeys, bullocks, oxen etc.

The great Indian culture has always been thankful to the values and help they have showered on us. Mother earth has generously given us so much and we, through our culture and tradition have always shown our gratitude to these lovely creatures. The “Kurma Jayanti “on Vaishakh Purnima- celebrates the birth of tortoise, the Second incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Naag Panchami- celebrates the mightiness of Cobra and serpent Deities. Cow is considered one of the most sacred animals in Indian Culture and its glory has found its mention in the oldest books of Indian believes such as the Rig Veda. Monkey, Lion, Dog, Elephants etc are some of the worshipped animals in India.

Pets At Home Resources:

Humans have always held the majesty of exploiting the resources available to them to the fullest. Mother Earth has given us so much, but over the years we have misused the luxuries and comforts available to us, there are many industries which uses animals as puppets to test their experiments. The pharmaceutical and fashion industry are the cruellest.  Animals are used in labs for in vivo testing, animal experimentation and research before releasing the commodities in markets for human use. Every year, more than 100 million animals are killed, crippled, poisoned specifically in USA for research purposes. While there are some countries who have banned animal testing, India and Israel have taken the lead in doing so. The Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Serbia, pays tribute to the rats that have been sacrificed over the year for lab experimentation.

As said before, animals are an indispensable part of human life, therefore, there’s a need to understand their importance and protect these vulnerable lives for the generations to come.

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