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Action romantic movie Pakka Commercial

No one would like to avoid a comedy action film. What if it involves a comedy fight between father and son? It will surely keep the viewers entertained. If you are expecting to watch such movies, then Pakka Commercial would be a great choice. It is a legal action comedy film that involves a fight between the father and the son in court.

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The cast of Pakka Commercial

The central characters of this movie are Gopichand as Lawyer Ramchand (Lucky), Raashi Khanna as lawyer Jhansi, Sathyaraj as Justice Suryanarayana, Rao Ramesh as Vivek, Ajay Ghosh, Chitra Shukla, etc.

The story of the movie Pakka Commercial

Pakka Commercial has an exciting story with many action and romantic parts. The movie starts with the introduction of Suryanarayana, a sincere ex-judge resigning his job as he could not protect a girl from being threatened by a wealthy man and committing suicide. His son lucky also becomes a lawyer but quite the opposite of his father. Unlike his father, he appears to be a frugal lawyer who settles cases outside the court for his profits. He falls for a lawyer named Jhansi, whom he meets during a case.

The central part of the story starts when lucky crosses swords with his father regarding a case. While his father and lover fight to give justice to a victim, Lucky joins the other side to get substantial rewards. Thus, Lucky’s house gets separated because of this case. But everything changes at the story’s climax, wherein Lucky reveals that he was actually fighting for the truth and to completely trap Vivek, the rich person – the villain in this movie.

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